What I am Working For…

I want to keep the hometown feeling we all moved here for. I love having neighbors who take the time to get to know me, and whom I can talk to when I run into them at the store. We all love the feelings of safety afforded by our great schools and parks. As our city looks towards the challenges of the coming years, I want to help lead in a direction we can all support. If you elect me as your commissioner, here is what I will work on for you:

Protecting Taxpayers– I want to protect hard working tax payers and make sure taxes are not raised. Even if the homestead exemption is changed this fall, I will not raise your taxes.

Smart Growth – I will fight to ensure development is in the best interest of Winter Springs residents. Growth should be managed in a way that increases your quality of life.

Parks and Recreation – I want to strategically enhance and upgrade the parks our families enjoy.

Safety First – I want to give law enforcement the tools they need to protect our community and keep our streets safe. We need to be recruiting the best and brightest in law enforcement to serve.

Keep the City Beautiful – I want to enhance our city’s natural beauty through green spaces on roadways and parks.

Make Government Efficient – I want to use my legal knowledge to streamline the permitting process and help residents obtain permits in a faster manner.

Reliable School Zones – As a concerned mother, I will fight for you to keep school zones in place, so our kids do not have their education disrupted by zoning changes.

Lighting on Seminole Trail – I will be your advocate to the county and work to make the trail safer and more accessible by adding lighting to the Seminole Trail.

Town Center Signs – Our city’s businesses drive our local economy. I want to support local business by connecting them with customers with quality signage at our Town Center.