A Hometown Advocate

As product of a military family and Seminole County schools who spends her life using her law degree to fight for families, Vicki is the exact hometown advocate we need in city hall .

Personal History
Vicki was born in St. Louis, MO, raised in Seminole County from the age of 5, attended SCPS in elementary, middle and high school. She obtained degrees from Seminole State College, UCF and Barry University. Her grandfather served in the Navy, while her father and brother are Marines.

Professional Work
Vicki completed a law degree with a concentration on children and family law and opened her own practice in 2009, specializing in family law, as well as bankruptcy law and earning top ratings in family law categories.

Community Involvement
Vicki serves on the Board of Directors for BoysTown of Central Florida, is an adjunct professor and a Real Estate Agent in the Winter Springs/Oviedo area.

Get to Know Vicki

I grew up right here in Seminole County. I went to elementary, middle and high school here.  I went to SCC for my Associate Degree and to UCF where I obtained my BA in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies.  I later attended Barry University for law school where I completed a concentration in Children and Family Law. I first  had the privilege of calling Winter Springs my home when I moved out of my father’s home at 19 years old. It was then I fell in love with this city. I loved this city and knew that when I was going to buy my first home I wanted it to be in the Winter Springs area.  We spent roughly two years looking for the right home which we finally found in Tuscawilla.

I started working at a law office when I was 18 years old, right out of high school. This experience helped me discover my love for helping people and for the law. I worked all through undergrad and law school so that I could fulfill my dream of becoming an attorney.

I have a passion for helping and advocating for children, families and assisting them in life’s most difficult times. I want to bring this passion to City Hall to help you. It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to manage a successful law practice since 2009. I believe my knowledge of the law and ability to uphold it, my skill in listening to what matters to people paired with my hard work, dedication and success in business will help Winter Springs greatly.  We must go to mediation in every contested family case we file.  I believe that skill has given me the great ability to sit down at a table and discuss hot topics with individuals even if I disagree with them or their position and be able to have a smart reasonable conversation and try to get things resolved.

I want to be a liaison for the residents, to work hard for you and amplify your voice in government. I believe my experience running my office and being responsible for our budget and payroll will help contribute to keeping Winter Springs on the right fiscal track. I live here, bought my first home here and am raising my children here. I want to keep this the city I loved when I moved here. I want my kids to love it and hopefully raise their children here. I can promise nobody will work harder for you.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and what I would like to do for our city.

Vicki Anderson-Ferrin